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Today, more than 20 million citizens in Germany and more than five million companies use mgm software.
Online access procedures and administrative systems for public authorities.
Enterprise applications for commerce, insurance and public sector
mgm follows the approach of digital sovereignty, according to which
organizations retain control and know how of their own IT systems.
Specialists with a focus on business, IT and the organization work
closely together on this – in a team with more than 750 colleagues.
The foundation is the enterprise low-code platform A12, on which secure and highly
scalable industry solutions for commerce, public sector and industrial insurance are built.
At 16 locations worldwide mgm lives the mission:
Innovation Implemented.

Jointly with public institutions, we have been bringing applications into production for nearly 20 years. Today, more than 20 million citizens in Germany and more than five million companies transfer data using mgm software. Our portals rank among Germany’s administrative portals in application management with the highest transaction volume. We concentrate on developing online access procedures for the administrative systems of public authorities.
More than 120 mgm employees are focused on the public sector. Over the years, we have gained experience with the public administration’s specific characteristics, with its complex system landscapes, architecture, processes and its particular challenges in IT projects. We are a reliable solution partner for our customer and carry responsibility with respect. We are motivated by software implemented and, most of all, by our customers’ contentment in administration, that of citizens and organizations.

Our product and solution portfolio


Our product and solution portfolio comprises secure, scalable administration portals, certificate-based authentication solutions, payment solutions as well as extensive application and form management solutions.
We integrate these solutions in your existing system landscape, however complex and heterogeneous it may be. Since adapting your administrative procedures and architecture is often the most difficult part of work.
Administrative portals as alternative gateways to public offices are essential for digitization.
Administrative acts regularly require citizens’ and organizations’ authentication.
We understand application management as a consistent seamless electronic process from application to notification. When form-based application management processes are concerned forms are an integral part. Finally, payment solutions are necessary for billing administrative services.

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Our service portfolio

We deliver comprehensive services from software architecture to development, from web security to data migration and technical QA and solve customer-specific challenges in the public sector.
It does not matter which kind of administrative procedure it is – may it be the digitization of registers, fiscal specialist procedures or the mapping of LeiKA services (German acronym for Leistungskatalog der öffentlichen Verwaltung, meaning service catalogue of public administration) in municipal, provincial or federal context. mgm accepts the challenge and brings the requested application into production, in close cooperation of its experts with the contracting authority!
Our expertise in software architecture, QA simultaneous to development, frontend design and in many other areas guarantees reliability. We like to trust in Java and Open source solutions which satisfy our high standards and are particularly suited for transactional and secure administrative applications.

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 Our public sector customers

We rate our success by the number of systems brought into production and by their contribution toward our customers’ business success. Learn more about our customers and projects:

 Current specialist articles on the public sector

You can find all of mgm’s and our guest authors’ articles in our online magazine ii. The ii magazine offers well-founded and practical insights into the challenges of digital transformation. The authors share their experiences from project practice: sometimes strategically, sometimes technically, but always with a focus on the specifics of business applications. The main subjects are e-commerce, industrial insurance and the public sector.
Click here for the ii magazine website (german)

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