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mgm stands for comprehensive project management. To us topics like web security, QA or usability and design are no extras but crucial factors for the success of any business software solution.

More than 120 experts interdisciplinarily work together in our team for public sector customers.

Since 1994, mgm technology partners has been a reliable partner for its customers in the conception, implementation, putting into operation and maintenance of innovative software solutions for complex, business critical processes. Thereby, quality, performance and security are paramount to us. mgm’s capital are highly qualified , experiences and responsible software engineers, architects, developers, project managers and IT consultants, who successfully implement big projects in compliance with arranged deadlines and costs.

We deliver comprehensive services from software architecture over development and web security up to data migration and technical quality assurance and thereby master customer specific challenges.

Software architecture

We are specialists in highly scalable web applications realised on the basis of service-oriented, multi-layered architecture concepts. Fundamental operating requirements are performance, security and robustness.

  • Highly scalable web applications
  • mgm A12 platform: Model driven architecture

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Software development

We develop web and mobile applications in the enterprise context. Thereby we use a state-of-the-art software stack that is continuously expanded and supplemented on the basis of project experience.

  • Web and Mobile
  • Java 8, JavaScript, Typescript
  • Oracle, Microsoft, Postgres
  • Spring, Angular JS, React

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Web security

In a world that is ever more closely networked, web security is a cornerstone of any business software. We do not see security as an optional feature. Our security experts are involved in every project from the outset – with more than ten years’ experience gained from more than 1,000 security analyses and penetration tests.

  • Application security
  • Penetration tests
  • Source code analysis
  • Security audits

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Design & Usability

Search results, statistics, meta data: be it on a website or in web-based software, a wide variety of information has to be presented in the corporate design. It is important to pay attention to good software ergonomics and full accessibility, along with functional structure and an appealing design.

  • UI / UX Design
  • Mobile design
  • Video & Marketing services
  • Sales support

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Our development teams are experienced in successfully implementing barrier-free web services on mobile devices (like e.g. smartphones), too. Crucial requirements concerning accessibility are:

  • Read-aloud function of page content by a screen reader
  • Scalability of display size
  • Comprehensibility of page content
  • Full functionality, also without JavaScript

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Technical Quality Assurance

As time goes on, with every functional scope extension of business-critical applications, expenditure on project quality assurance increases. This leads to the phenomenon in development projects that, as the application becomes more mature, a growing proportion of the development budget has to be spent on quality assurance, while less and less goes into implementation of new business processes.

  • QA
  • Automated test procedure

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Data migration

To us data migration is a structured process for securely transferring datasets between different systems.

  • Mergers
  • Replacing of (host-based) legacy systems
  • Setting-up of databases (e.g. data warehouse)
  • Migration from one data source into different traget systems

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