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To us data migration is a structured process for securely transferring datasets between different systems. It gets necessary through organizational changes like mergers, replacing of (host-based) legacy systems or the planned setting-up of databases (e.g. data warehouse). All in all, the complexity of migration tasks has been growing during recent years since migration needs to be more and more done from one data source into various target systems.

We offer the migration of datasets on the basis of our migration concept, which our team customizes within the project context, to our customers. In doing so, we obtain maximum planning reliability especially through our specialist experts since they are familiar with the specific data world (re-/insurance, public clients, e-commerce, merchandise management).

Without closely cooperating with our customers’ specialist departments the migration projects would not be feasible though, which is why a realistic planning basis for an often high number of project members in the projects has to be created.

In preparing migration, we offer the use of the data migration tool developed by us for data mapping as an alternative to standard tools (informatica, Assential). We are experienced with quality assurance (e.g. check digits) while performing migration and can reliably implement manual migration steps for complex data sections, too.

Introduction of the procedure CUSA MuB in the C5 technology



Data migration for the version change of the central CUSA Prevention in C5 technology




mgm.standpunkt: We call it integration. Marcus Olk, Volkmar Busch (German language article)