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Search results, statistics, meta data: be it on a website or in web-based software, a wide variety of information has to be presented in the corporate design. It is important to pay attention to good software ergonomics and full accessibility, along with functional structure and an appealing design.

We realize graphic requirements in the software development process and web design and pay attention to optimally coordinated presentation and the fullest possible accessibility. Together with our business partners we design the fitting solution for the particular project and project budget and decide jointly which options and main focuses should be adopted. For this, we provide a selection of design services. Without close cooperation with our customers’ specialist departments, migration projects would not be practicable, so it is necessary to create a realistic planning basis for a very large number of project participants.

In preparing for migration, we offer, as an alternative to standard tools (informatica, Assential), the use of our self-developed data migration tool for data mapping. When carrying out migration we are experienced in quality assurance (e.g. check the digit procedure) and can also reliably execute manual migration steps for complex data areas.



mgm technology partners are not an advertising agency but a software company. Nonetheless, we are no strangers to design. Along with accessibility and ergonomics, the third main focus of our creative services is on design. Following in the footsteps of the famous industrial designer Dieter Rams, our aim is to make all our products talk through their design. For our business partners we purposefully design layouts to comply with style guides, visualize workflows and develop representative concepts. If no style guide exists for a project, we produce specially customized concepts based on requirements and on the corporate design in order to make the particular software solution or website talk.


A12 Plasma Design – UI / UX for Business Software

With Plasma Design, as part of the A12 project, mgm is forging ahead a well thought out UI/UX standard designed specially for business applications. Plasma Design offers a modern look and feel and speeds up the development of user interfaces and interaction processes. Analysts and professional experts can use A12-Tools to produce robust interfaces that are ready for production.


Marketing Services

New business applications result in new opportunities that must be communicated and advertised. They include, for example, altered internal workflows or externally directed offers. Our marketing department specializes in supporting this communication process to accompany the launch of new software. Its services include preparing presentations, flyers, brochures, marketing and training videos, and advice on supplementary measures and materials.


Sales Support

To complement our classic marketing services, we offer additional sales support. In the context of digitization strategies, collaborative sales scenarios play a central role. The aim is to recruit the right sales partners or to intensify digital support for existing partnerships. We support you in meetings aimed at acquiring new partners for your digital business. We also help you to prepare and run workshops with sales partners. To demonstrate the possibilities for collaboration with partners in actual practice, we develop prototypes.