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Our development teams are experienced in the successful implementation of freely accessible web offerings, including the ones on mobile terminals such as smartphones. The key requirements for accessibility are:

  • Readability of page contents by screen readers
  • Scalability of display size
  • Comprehensibility of page contents
  • Full functional capability also without Javascript

To comply with accessibility requirements, different national laws and ordinances must be taken into account, such as the German Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities Act (BITV) of 1 May 2002. Such laws are subject to constant amendment. For example, the current version of the Ordinance to create freely accessible information technology in accordance with the BITV has been in force since September 2011. Further orientation is provided by the international standard Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which serves as a guide for local laws and ordinances.


Freely accessible web offerings are recognized in Germany by the so-called BIENE-Award ( In addition, the BIK initiative (BIK – barrierefrei informieren und kommunizieren, German for “barrier-free information and communication”) tests Internet and intranet offerings for accessibility. These tests are known as BITV tests and the maximum score is 100 points. The 90+ and 95+ lists drawn up on the basis of the BITV test results include exemplary web offers and recommendable service providers who score at least this number of points.


mgm technology partners has taken part in multiple BITV tests. The web offering we designed for the Erfurt drainage utility scored 96.25 points and was included in the BIK 95+ list of providers of accessible web service offerings. The electronic tax return portals (Elster) and the Federal Central Tax Office portal realized by mgm scored more than 90 points respectively as much as 99 points.

Please find the audit reports here: