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Web applications and mobile apps

We develop web applications and mobile applications in the enterprise context. Our main focus is on the commerce, insurance and e-government sectors, using a state-of-the-art software stack that is continuously expanded and supplemented on the basis of project experience.

Currently used technologies include:


In terms of programming languages we rely primarily on Java 8 and Javascript or Typescript. As data base solutions we mainly use the Oracle and Microsoft systems and PostgresSQL. We also use a series of tried and trusted frameworks such as Spring, Angular and React.

We realize highly scalable web applications on the basis of service-oriented, multi-layered architecture concepts. Our team develops mobile applications on the HTML5 standard.


Java 8 and Javascript

Java 8 is our programming language of choice: Version 8 stands for the conflict between downward compatibility (a Java trademark) and the technical challenge of designing a version switch as compatible as possible with existing libraries and functions. Java 8 adds new impetus in the form of functional programming and integration of lambda blocks, of higher order function features and of SAM interfaces.

In our projects, Javascript has a similarly high significance on the client’s side to that of Java on the server side. Typescript as a superset of Javascript adds a noticeably improved development environment and, due to type safety and refactoring options, less error-prone code. Many features anticipate planned Javascript extensions and support our idea of enduring, future-proof code.


Oracle, Microsoft, Postgres

The Oracle and Microsoft commercial database solutions which are widely used in enterprise environments are a fixed component of our technology stack. Aspects such as performance optimization, clustering and failsafe performance are based on many years of diverse project experience.

From the open source sector, along with MySQL, we mainly use PostgreSQL, especially in more complex transactional systems.

SAP HANA solutions are used primarily in the context of our SAP Hybris projects, but increasingly prove their worth in other projects, taken forward for example by HANA Express.


Spring, Angular JS, React

Since it was first released in 2002, the Spring framework has become the de facto standard for developing Java Enterprise applications. In particular, its extensive ecosystem (e.g. Spring Boot and Spring Security) guarantees an open, efficient development framework for Java applications.

As the pace of the front-end development framework gains momentum, Angular JS and React are our “constants” guaranteeing cross-project exchange – from MV* patterns to efficient DOM modifications.

These two frameworks have thus become core components of the mgm A12 front-end architecture, where they play a significant role in the design of our components, widgets and model-driven engines.