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As time goes on, with every functional scope extension of business-critical applications, expenditure on project quality assurance increases. This leads to the phenomenon in development projects that, as the application becomes more mature, a growing proportion of the development budget has to be spent on quality assurance, while less and less goes into implementation of new business processes.

Our approach to quality assurance enables us to achieve planning security for technical quality assurance without having to forfeit any application quality. This approach combines knowledge of current QA concepts with experience gained from initial development, many years’ maintenance and further development of numerous corporate applications.

Our technical quality assurance for software development comprises:

  • Joint analysis of applications with our customers.
  • Drawing up of a catalogue of measures and
  • Implementation / alignment of the chosen concepts and tools.

As a result, we increase the scope of actual development work in the project.


Our consulting know-how

  • Reviews of quality assurance approaches, processes and landscapes with mgm test classification
  • Test automation, monitoring / tuning of performance-relevant hardware, Virtualization of test environments, database problem anaylysis as well as tuning.


Very Early Testing

Our approach is characterized by a strong emphasis on the process with the mgm method. „Very Early Testing“. Scalable mthods guarantee a high efficiency.

The combination of the test classification designed by us with the mgm tool set for load and performance tests makes a comprehensive evaluation of the existing testing landscape as well as the optimization proposals for development and operation resulting from it possible.





  • Early detection of mistakes and reduction of subsequent faults thanks to test environments close to production
  • Sustainability by easily maintainable code for load and functional tests
  • Prognosis of system load based on differenet usage scenarios
  • Simplified maintainability of test environments by virtualization
  • Quick test case preparation with high test coverage through automated test data generation.

Quality assurance in development – Very Early Testing


The controlled interlocking of development and QA by frequent and early deployment as well as automated testing of applications against structured requirements in an environment close to production makes a quick feedback and an early reality check possible. The following advantages result from QA in development:

  • High quality of releases thanks to addressing the risks and a feedback to development early on
  • Quick reaction for critical updates through an automated set up of regression tests
  • Optimization and extension of tests in development
  • Better estimation of the functional scope to be tested
  • Security net for modifications and extensions