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Over the years, we have developed highly performant, secure and public sector customized products and solutions from our project experiences.

Administrative solutions by mgm

  • The digitization of administration requires administrative portals as new, alternative and comprehensive gateway to public offices
  • Administrative acts regularly require citizensand organisations authentication
  • A fundamental part of our solution portfolio is the mgm application management as a consistent seamless electronic process from application over communication with the responsible authorities up to the delivery of notifications
  • Administrative services and applications often require forms which are an integral part of application management. Their complexity and benefit especially lies in data modelling and rule-based validation.
  • Complete digital administrative services require the connection of payment solutions

Thereby mgm’s administrative solutions are commonly prior to the administrative and specialist procedures. But they can also be the interface with the eFiles in use.

Administration portals

Our focus is on highly scalable e-government portals by which public organizations provide online access to their administrative procedures for citizens.

By successfully implementing the MeinELSTER portal on behalf of the tax administration, mgm technology partners has besides others created a standard for e-government portals which fulfils the special requirements of the public sector.

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Application management

Many professional or private processes involve applications and their approval. Employees make requests for the compensation of travel expenses, apply for holidays and absences or submit an application with their health insurance for the reimbursement of doctors’ and medication bills. As a private person nearly everybody has to deal with applications in public administrations. Also nowadays, these are still mostly paper-based. But today the offer of public administrations’ online services is more than ever the focus of politics, too, and is therefore heavily expanded meanwhile.

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Form solutions

Many administrative services in the service catalogue (LeiKa, German acronym for Leistungskatalog) require a form-based application process. Application management solutions are therefore regularly based on form solutions. But these are mostly not simply generated PDF files. Form solutions in the context of seamless application management processes have to be able to map all data structures that can be found in the specialist procedures which should be integrated. They can be different for single specialist procedures of a public authority.

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Authentication and secure portal access

mgm has longstanding experience in the area of authentication and secure portal access, especially in the public sector. Municipal, state and federal portals, the large public bodies’ portals like the one of DRV (German acronym for Deutsche Rentenversicherung, the German pension insurance) and BA (German acronym for Bundesagentur für Arbeit, the German Federal Labour Office) as well as portals for civil service employees need access for citizens, organizations and employees which is up-to-date, secure and conform with data protection laws. Authentication solutions play a crucial role in this context.

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Electronic Mailbox

The electronic mailbox – ePostfach in short – is a mailbox solution for the secure and traceable electronic delivery of documents and an essential component of a modern, service-oriented administration. It enables citizens to gain time-saving, convenient and free access to documents from public authorities and companies and to communicate with them in written form.

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Today, a majority of citizens naturally buys goods and services on zalando, Amazon, Otto, Lidl etc. and uses online services of banks and insurers.

Meanwhile, the amount of public administrations’ online services is growing, too. In connection with this municipalities, states and public authorities have to deal with the topic of digital application management and, increasingly, also with e-payment. According online payment systems have to be integrated. 

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Solutions in the tax environment

mgm has worked as service provider in the tax environment for more than 20 years and supports, inter alia, the Bayerische Landesamt für Steuern (Regional Tax Authority of Bavaria). With the portal Mein ELSTER, the rule language ERiC und further development projects which are based on ELSTER mgm proofs extensive procedural insight and solution competence. Companies, tax advisors and private households can transfer their tax declarations online to the financial management since 2005.

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authega®: The solution for secure authentication in e-government portals

authega®– short for „authentication for e-government applications“ – is a tried-and-tested solution for the secure authentication in e-government web applications and is based on the same technology like the electronic tax declaration ELSTER. authega® can be used both for specialist procedures in intranet applications and as access system for internet applications. It is certified according to ISO 27001 and thereby suited for e-government processes which need to safeguard the written form.

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mgm A12: Development portal for portals, application management solutions and form solutions

A12 speeds up the development of business applications: through reusable components, tried-and-tested processes and a well thought through UI/UX design standard. Business analysts and specialist departments are enabled to define major parts of the application themselves by the help of special editors. A12 is continuously further developed by a partner community.

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