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Our focus is on highly scalable e-government portals by which public organizations provide online access to their administrative procedures for citizens and organizations.

By successfully implementing the Mein ELSTER portal on behalf of the tax administration, mgm technology partners has besides others created a standard for e-government portals which fulfils the special requirements of the public sector.



Based on the tried-and-tested basic components used by mgm in Mein ELSTER and many highly performant, successful e-commerce platforms, our team supports the design and realization of web portals in the public sector. The solutions and web technologies used for Mein ELSTER are applied in different tax related areas like income tax, corporate tax or tax account statements and include:

  • Simple registration for using the personalized services
  • Certificate-based authentication proving a user’s identity for a personal access
  • Security against phishing attacks
  • Electronic mailbox for encrypted communication with the tax authority
  • Electronic possibility to get tax account statements
  • Flexibility through an Open source stack and Java-based solution components

On the client side, all components work with common browsers and operating systems and have a responsive design. Furthermore, we have realized a secure access to administration portals with our authentication service which allows using different security tokens (Smartcards, USB crypto sticks, Software keys) depending on the respective security requirements.

Administration portals by mgm are, besides others, characterized by the following functions:

  • State of the art UI/UX
  • Responsive design
  • Support of mobile platforms
  • Accessibility
  • Multilingualism
  • Help and search functions


Easy-to-use and flexible maintenance backend

  • CMS with comprehensive editing functions
  • Simple integration of additional applications
  • Authorization management for the application


At mgm, secure, scalable administration portals are set up on solid technology:

  • Robust, scalable architecture
  • Open source stack
  • Virtualization
  • Model-based development
  • Modern CMS and web framework
  • Operating monitoring with real-time information

Top requirements:

  • Robust scalable architecture
  • Open source stack
  • Modern performant CMS
  • Accessibility
  • Responsive design
  • Performant search and help functions