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The electronic mailbox – ePostfach in short – is a mailbox solution for the secure and traceable electronic delivery of documents and an essential component of a modern, service-oriented administration. It enables citizens to gain time-saving, convenient and free access to documents from public authorities and companies and to communicate with them in written form.

With the electronic mailbox – developed by mgm –, a continuous electronic process can be established in the communication between citizens and administration. In the public sector and large administration portals, authentication solutions and electronic mailboxes are closely linked. Access to an official electronic mailbox for eGovernment services requires authentication.

In addition, the level of security must be guaranteed for legal transactions that preserve the written form. The security level has to be confirmed by the BSI and is subject to strict security regulations.

Our electronic mailbox is already used in Mein ELSTER, the online portal of the German tax administration.

In Mein ELSTER not only the tax declarations are transmitted electronically, securely and authenticated to your tax office via the Internet, but also various applications, objections and other messages can be authenticated and sent to the tax office. Our electronic mailbox thus offers the necessary security, scalability and performance.

In order to meet the high security requirements for authentication solutions in the public sector, we offer one of the most successful authentication and secure solutions: authega – which stands for “authentication for e-government applications”.

Advantages for the customer

  • Authentication and electronic mailbox from a single source
  • Optional access via app is possible
  • A solution that has been used millions of times, with established processes
  • Complete integration with application management solutions
  • Ecofriendly, location- and time-independent communication
  • Safer than DE-Mail due to avoidance of misdirected messages
  • No costs per shipment