mgm A12

Accelerator. Platform. Partner Community.
Development platform for business applications.

A12 speeds up the development of business applications: through reusable components, tried-and-tested processes and a well thought through UI/UX design standard. Business analysts and specialist departments are enabled to define major parts of the application themselves by the help of special editors. A12 is continuously further developed by a partner community.


Modeling tools for analysts

A12 provides a set of tools for business experts and analysts. Using these tools, they can create domain-specific models and build their own multilingual business applications. Programming skills are not required. The modeled business logic and structures of user interfaces can be easily reused.


Community: Cross-project sharing of assets

Please visit our A12 website for more information.

A12 speeds up the development of web applications and reduces the individual development effort.

Please visit our A12 website for more information.