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authega®: The authentication service for secure online portal access in the public sector

The authentication service authega® is a solution for secure online portal access which especially covers security requirements in the public sector. It can be used both for specialist procedures in intranet applications and as access system for internet applications.

authega® – short for „authentication for e-government applications“ – has been developed as authentication service by mgm jointly with the Free State of Bavaria and the company secunet. authega® is based on the security functions initially developed for the electronic tax declaration ELSTER, which has been productive since 2001 and is the most successful e-government application in Germany. The ELSTER authentication procedure has proven with many millions of electronic certificates issued up to now that a secure authentication and user acceptance can be combined.

Since 2010 authega® can be applied as independent authentication component. Today, the service is used in numerous public authorities, for example for the portal Mitarbeiterservice Bayern (Employee service Bavaria), with EU funding procedures in the Bavarian Ministry of Economics, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology as well as at the Bavarian State Ministry of Employment and Social Order, the Family and Women. Outside Bavaria, authega® is already used for IPEMA®, the employee portal of Rhineland-Palatinate.

authega® – „Authentication service for e-government applications“:

  • IT-security platform for secure authentication
  • Flexible, multi-client capable solution for an integration in portals and web based specialist services
  • Strict separation of identification, authentication and authorization
  • Data minimization and pseudonymized identities
  • Lifecycle administration for certificates, extensible by electronica signature and encryption
  • Part of e-government processes guaranteeing the written form (ISO 27001)

Warranty of reliable access security through:

  • Login with crypto token (public/private key procedure on the basis of X.509 certificates)
  • Secure authentication on the basis of established crypto procedures
  • Integrated key and certificate management

Authentication solutions with mgm

  • The ELSTER certificate is nationwide used and known. Service provider behind the certificate is secunet, supported by mgm.
  • State portals, specialist procedures and employee portals need access that is up-to-date, secure and conform with data protection laws – authega® was developed for these use cases.
  • authega is a tried-and-trusted solution for secure authentication in e-government intranet and internet applications and based on the same technology than the electronic tax declaration ELSTER.


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