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Many administration services in the service catalogue (LeiKa, German acronym for Leistungskatalog) require a form-based application process.

Application management solutions are therefore regularly based on form solutions. But these are mostly not simply generated PDF files. Form solutions in the context of seamless application management processes have to be able to map all data structures that can be found in the specialist procedures which should be integrated. They can be different for single specialist procedures of a public authority or can be changed at different times in different procedures. The versioning of forms, of these forms’ data models as well as their parallel use and processing have to be supported.

Typically specialist procedures do not adjust to forms, but forms go along with the underlying specialist procedures. A harmonization of the data structures in administrative specialist procedures is highly complex, but very easy to realize in the form mapping.

mgm’s form solution is based on A12, the framework for business applications developed by mgm. Comprehensive data models, fields, field names can be included in the data model and then be complemented by extensive validation rules. In the process, the data modeler is easy to use for the specialists and in its strength unique on the market.
In the UI Designer, online forms are simply designed based on the data models made before. Also in this aspect, the specialists are quite unrestricted in their creative freedom. Comprehensive help texts, extra information etc. allows a user-friendly representation of the validation rules while filling in the forms. Printability can be designed and ensured.

Obviously, one has to safeguard the connectivity of databases, specialist procedure and application management, too. The display of applications received can be designed on a dashboard like desired to facilitate work for the administrative personnel.



  • Accessibility
  • User guidance
  • Complex forms
  • Comprehensive tables
  • Complex set of rules
  • Processing historical data
  • Large number of forms
  • Document conversion
  • Print versions
  • Integration into different specialist procedures

Advantages of mgm’s form application

  • Appealing und guided form processing
  • Help texts and explanations on data collection
  • Input support through calendars, selection lists, data transfer and many other more
  • Guarantee of correct rule-based data collection
  • Forms as basis for efficient business processes and the integration in the application management
  • Comprehensive tools for form design, data modelling and rule registration by specialist departments
  • Versioning and parallel working at versions